Monday, May 15, 2017

Chuck Chugs Guinness for a Year

I made myself a challenge for 2016 to drink a Guinness everyday. The main goal was to collect data on how fast I could drink a Guinness everyday. The times are based on video time so actual times are probably slightly faster than this. Also its only granular to seconds so if it was 6.5 seconds it got rounded up to 7 seconds. To prove I did it, I took a video of everyday and posted it on YouTube. You can see some of the data visualizations and videos here. By clicking on a data point in the timeseries it will automatically center the Google map on the corresponding placemark and load the video from that day. Some stats from year:

Average Time: 6.9 seconds
Slowest Time: 13 seconds
Fastest Time: 5 seconds
Total Time: 42 minutes 6 seconds

Data visualizations and videos here.
Disclaimer: May not work well on mobile.

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