Sunday, May 13, 2018

Chuck and People

As I've done the past four years I put forth a challenge to myself. This year it was to take a picture with a different person or group of people everyday and document it on Instagram. Mission accomplished! With the goal completed I needed to find someway to use the data and pictures I collected into something interesting and thought mosaics would be the perfect way to do that. So for each picture I created two mosaics, a progressive mosaic which uses a pool of photos of every photo up to that day and a total mosaic which is every photo I took for the project included in the photo. There are also tables showing percentages of total photos used for that mosaic and a bar showing the dominant colors of the original photo. I also took a high def photo which in the data visualization is titled main. The difference between this is that it is 150x150 pics and all the other photos are 100x100. Also because it is such a high def picture the photos in the mosaic show up much clearer because there are more pixels it is able to replace (it also takes longer to load). If you click on a photo it should pop open a tab with the full size photo allowing you to zoom in and see the photos making up the mosaic. Just to give you an idea of how big the mosaic is for the main photo, it would measure out to be approximately 7 ft. x 7 ft. if printed which unfortunately I don't have room for. It *only* took 36 hours straight compute time to make all the mosaics and get the dominant colors and every photo was used throughout the process. Some interesting stats:

Mosaic with lowest percentage of photos used: Day 143 used 137/365 (37.53%) of the photos
Mosaic with highest percentage of photos used: Day 147 used 336/365 (92.05%) of the photos

Pictures I was on the Left: 151
Pictures I was in the Middle: 24
Pictures I was on the Right: 190

Data visualization can be found  here.
Disclaimer: May not work well on mobile. Best bet is landscape mode.

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