Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Manifestation of Drinking

Over the past year I kept track of every alcoholic beverage I drank with the idea of doing some kind of data visualization with the data. I separated my drinking into 4 categories: Guinness, beer, mixed drinks, and shots. Guinness happens to be my drink of choice and since I find it to be so much better than other beer I chose to count it by itself. I decided to do a digital and physical version. The digital version uses d3.js to create a colored calendar. If you hover over an individual square, it gives the date and a break down of what I drank that day. The scale goes from very dark green (not very many drinks) to dark red (lots of drinks) and the white are days I did not drink.  I based my digital version off this. For the physical version I used Guinness bottle caps, beer tabs, drinking straws, and green beer tabs to build towers that represent how much I drank that day. You can either watch the video below or see the photo album here.
The final tally ended up being:
Guinness: 569
Beers: 111
Mixed Drinks: 592
Shots: 79