Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Chuck's Bucks

2022 was the year of tracking dollar bills. I "created" 365 Chuck Bucks by adding a stamp to my tracking website and a QR sticker to easily be able to scan it and pre-populate the dollar's serial number. For the first 73 days of the year I handed out 5 Chuck Bucks to various people and places to try and get them to spread throughout the world. I thought it went surprising well and am still seeing check-ins come in sporadically. All the data displayed will continue to use the live app I use for tracking, but the numbers below are as of May 9th, 2023.

Total Distance Chuck Bucks Traveled: 54,987 Miles (88,493 km) which is about 2.2 times around the world
Longest Distance Traveled from a Single Check-in to Check-in: 9,030 Miles (14,532 km) with serial number F17317947D
Longest Distance Traveled From a Single Chuck Buck: 11,285 Miles (18,162 km) with serial number E72974408A
Total Number of Check-ins: 483 which is about 1.5 check-ins per Chuck Buck
Distinct Chuck Bucks Check-ins: 318/365 (87%)
Largest number of Check-ins From a Single Chuck Buck: 5 from these serial numbers A52233859C, C87665168C, E72974408A, J41218200C

Data visualization can be found here.

Disclaimer: May not work well on mobile.