Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mapping Poop

For the year of 2015*, I mapped everywhere I pooped. I used the Android app Poop Map for mapping purposes. This was apparently a terrible idea as the app didn't have an easy way to get the data out of it easily. In the Android app, you could see the general location and date, but didn't have access to the lat long. In the desktop app, you could see the lat long, but not the date. So I went through and matched them up by looking up the lat long on Google maps and then comparing that to the data points on my phone which I turned into a csv file. From there I wrote a python script to give me all kinds of metrics on the data which you can see below. I used the same script to generate the necessary data to make my data viz. The data viz uses c3.js and Google Maps API. The Google map shows all my poop locations while the c3.js timeseries shows the distance each poop was from my house. By clicking on a data point in the timeseries it will automatically center the Google map on the corresponding placemark. Check out some interesting stats and the data viz below!

*It was actually Jan. 9th 2015-Jan. 9th 2016 due to a change in phones.

Most consecutive days: 13 days
Most poops in one day: 4 in one day
Farthest poop from my house: 2426 miles away
Average distance poop was from my house: 160 miles
Day of the week I pooped the most: Tuesday
Total number of poops: 454

Data Viz
Disclaimer: Doesn't work well on mobile.

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