Sunday, December 12, 2021

Guinness Money

2020 was a strange year to try and track data about myself, but fortunately I had picked tasks that were still doable even with a pandemic going on. You can see the twin post of this where I rated tacos every Tuesday, but in this post its all about how much money I spent on Guinness for the year. 

Pre-COVID I had spent $1,915.33, and was on pace to spend $7,661.32 for the year. Which is $2,404.08 more than what I actually spent, so you can see how much that changed things. 

Average spent per day on Guinness: $14.40 
Total Spent: $5,257.24
Most Money Spent at One Place: $3,364.75 at D.D. Peckers

Data visualization can be found here.
Disclaimer: May not work well on mobile.

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