Monday, July 22, 2013

Generating People

Got a new project I've been working on to try automate the process of making fake Facebook accounts. The first step was to make a bunch of fake people. I got some lists of popular first names from Social Security Administration website and a list of common last names for North America from Wikipedia. Depending on the generated sex it will pick from either a girl's name list or a boy's name list. All birthdays are in the range of 18-80 years of age. The email and passwords are just randomly selected alphanumeric values. I then save each generated person to an XML file. Here's an example of what gets generated:


Some of the next steps for this project include automating the Facebook signup process, which involves using Selenium WebDriver. Then after all the fake people have a Facebook account I am going to try and spam someone with 100 invites or something silly.

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