Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paul Revere that is not Left

If Assassin's Creed 3 has taught me anything it is that I would have hated Paul Revere. During a certain part of the game you have to go around the country side and warn people the British are coming you know like the Midnight Ride. So to start it wouldn't seem so bad, but for some reason we only have one horse. Paul suggests we ride doubles I would have declined, but that apparently isn't an option. Whatever I guess, so I hop on the horse and Revere sidles up behind (kind of creepy) and tells me I can ask for directions if I need them. Of course you're riding through a forest so you need to ask him while avoiding the Redcoats and he shouts out left or right and points. Again I don't really care until I start getting chased by Redcoats and I ask for directions and guess what he does? He shouts "GO LEFT!" and then has the audacity to point right. Well which way is it Paul, I'm getting fired at by Redcoats and trying to find my way to the next town while you are sitting a little too close and giving me shitty directions. And that is why I will forever more despise Paul Revere even in real life.

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